After Care

On the day of your appointment we will go thought all your aftercare and you will leave with a written copy.
After your treatment, when you get home around 30-60 minutes, please clean the treated area with a damp clean cotton pad. Use boiled water left to cool and simply wipe away any blood/lymphatic fluid. Repeat this every 1-2 hours up until you go to bed that night. Apply a small amount of the aftercare cream provided after the last clean to stop them from drying out to much while you sleep. 

For the first 1-5 days apply a thin layer your cream 4-5 times a day to stop to brows from drying out.

The first 5-7 days you must avoid getting the brows wet. Take extra care in the shower and washing your face and hair.
Try to avoid hot steamy baths and showers.
No make up on the great area for 14 days.  

The following be avoided post treatment
• Increased sweating 7 days
• Practicing sports/working out 7 days
• Swimming 14 days
• Saunas/ jacuzzis 14 days
• Suntanning or tanning beds 7 days
• Any laser or chemical peel treatments 30 days
• Creams containing Retin A, Glycolic acids / salicylic acids 30 days
• Do not pick peel or scratch the area until fully healed
• Be extra carful using strong cleaning products. 7 days
• Avoid spicy food and drinking alcohol straight after your treatment as this can increase bruising and thinning of the blood. 

We advice applying a thin layer of cream before showering to protect the brows from any moisture. Keep your face away from the shower head.
Itching and Flaking may appear durning the first seven days. This is normal and will quickly flake away through the healing process.
Your new Semipermanent brows will go through several phases during the healing cycle.
Following all after giving will heal the brow quickly and safely. Resulting in beautiful healed brows.