Fluffy Style Microblading

Fluffy Style Microblading is a Semipermanent Make up technique just like our Microblading treatment, except we create fluffy style hair like strokes for the effect of fuller fluffy brows. Created using a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to create hyper realistic hair like strokes to mimic your natural hair growth. Vegan friendly and organic pigment is inserted into the superficial dermis layer of the skin. This is the perfect treatment for those who love a fuller more wild/fluffy look. It’s great for those with naturally fluffy full brows to add more texture and fill in any gap.

Are you suitable

Fluffy Style Microblading is best suited to those with normal / dry or combination skin types. This skin type tends to achieve the best healed results.
However, Oily skin may not heal quite as well. In some cases your skin may reject the pigment or the hair like strokes can heal powdery/fuzzy with loss of detail.
This is not the case for every client with oily skin but is a possibility especially is they are not looked after correctly.
Oily skin type may need more frequent touch ups.
We strong advice those with delicate sensitive / problematic skin who suffer from conditions like Eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or severe acne To think twice about this treatment.

How long does it last?

Fluffy Style Microblading last on average between 1-2 years deletion life style, skin type, sun exposure, medications and life style.

All semipermanent make up treatments include 4-8 week touch up appointment. 

Please Note

If you have had your brows done previously or had laser/removal on the brows. This may take 1-3 treatments (or more depending) to achieve your desired results. This is because of the scar tissue build up in the area. In some cases they will need additional sessions and fees will apply.