Ombré brows

The Ombré brow technique is a semipermanent make up method done using a machine where a small needle deposits pixel like dots into the superficial layer of the skin to create a shading thought the brow. To give the brows that ombré effect we adore we keep the pixels further apart at the fronts of the brows to create a soft Misty effect. Gradually bringing the pixels closer together towards the arch of the brow and finally creating a bolder tail to give that beautiful over all Ombre look. Once healed these brows will give you that fresh tint and waxed feeling 24/7. Soft and subtle yet full of definition.

Are you suitable

The Ombre brow technique works with every brow style. Fuller brows, spars brows or even thinner brows. It’s a beautiful way to enhance your brows. This treatment can be tailor made to suit each individual.
For those with oily skin unable to get Microblading, Ombre is a great alternative. 

How long does it last?

Ombré brows can last anything between 2-5 years. This will depend on your skin, life style and maintenance.

All semipermanent make up treatments include 4-8 week touch up appointment. 

Please Note

If you have had your brows done previously or had laser/removal on the brows. This may take 1-3 treatments (or more depending) to achieve your desired results. This is because of the scar tissue build up in the area. In some cases they will need additional sessions and fees will apply.